SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 76

Dylan Fansler Software Development « Dynamic Remeshing of Ductile Materials on the Graphics Processing Unit I have re-implemented a technique used This project was completed in six months. called Dynamic Remeshing, which physics, and I now feel confident in my in Star Wars™ The Force Unleashed™ originally used Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for its structural calculations. My implementation circumvents the need for FEA by using a collection of simple spring calculations and values that define what material the mesh is made of. By doing this, the target mesh is able to deform in a believable manner. Moving these calculations onto the GPU using Compute Shaders allows it to run consistently at 60 frames per second. 76 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT It allowed me to “level up” my skills in ability to implement physics systems and rendering in the proper pipelines.