SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 72

Justin Gibbs Production « Best Practices for Tool Development in Games User Research The goal of this project was to create and Once the best practices were identified, I development in the field of Games User that collected positional data during evaluate a set of best practices for tool Research (GUR). The following list of best practices was identified through extensive research focused on analytics tools for GUR: • Tools should be simple and specific • Heat maps are an effective and efficient method of communicating positional and frequency data • Quantitative data needs qualitative data for context • Focus on ease of use and speed of implementation • Integrate early and iterate often • Data collected is targeted towards a hypothesis 72 PRODUCTION developed a tool plugin for Unreal Engine playtests, and displayed the data using a heat map interface. I chose this project because of the idea of data-driven game design, which focuses design on data collected from actual playtesters. Concrete data aids game developers in making calculated decisions to benefit their players. As a producer, I recognized the benefit that data collection and analytics would provide to my team, so I identified a set of best practices and programmed a tool using best practices to help my development team.