SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 6

Kate Barker Art Creation « Stylized Detailed Island Environment My thesis project was a beach island this project to learn what stylization communicate visual style. I chose in different but similar ways across the environment that could be used to to research and practice stylized art techniques, while developing my own sense of style. Beach scenes are typically among my favorite locales in most video games, so I decided to study Hawaii, Easter Island, and Central America to get a sense of creating my own little isolated world. I spent roughly 34 weeks on my thesis, from planning to completion. While creating the visual assets, I also made it a livable space. The water, grass, butterflies, and leaves on the trees all move and breathe harmoniously. I used 6 ART CREATION means to me and how it is often used industry. Games with wide demographics, as well as mobile games, flock to this type of creativity not only due to technical limitations, but also because of how much versatility stylized art provides to the medium. While this project was my own stylization, I documented my process in such a way that if others in the video games industry wanted to learn stylization, my thesis would HHܙX]\[[