SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 54

Jake Husted Level Design « Morally Ambiguous Choices For my Directed Focus Study, I wanted Players begin by receiving a summons multiple important choices with regards them to act as a special investigator in to set up a situation that presents to narrative, each of which falls into the category of “morally gray.” It was my goal to insert a quest into Skyrim Special Edition that makes the player feel like they’re in an episode of “True Detective,” while blending seamlessly into the world and mythos of Skyrim. I chose this project because I have a a murder mystery. Players assume the role of investigator, taking testimonies from witnesses and suspects, gathering evidence from the scene of the crime, checking alibis and credibility, and finding out exactly what happened to Gorlund, the reportedly murdered servant of the accused. keen interest in player psychology. As Players have the ability to side with one psychology, I like to utilize my skillset for mystery. With every twist the investigation a designer with a bachelor’s degree in presenting situations that are set up to influence the player’s thought process in new and interesting ways. The project took six months from conception to full polish. 54 from Jarl Gustaaf at Drakeswatch, asking LEVEL DESIGN of two parties as they dig deeper into the takes, my lasting goal was to have the player discover just as much about themselves by the choices they make as they discover about what happened to Gorlund.