SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 52

Chi-Fu Hung Level Design « Melee Combat System The goal of this project was to create which allows them to move faster because all the basic functions and is also deep the basic combat system to the next level, a melee combat system that includes enough to allow players to learn the action game skills. The project also includes a simple level and a basic AI to play with the combat 77FVW'2fRFR&ƗGFW6RFffW&V@GW2b6&2&6VBFRWWBV6GRbGF62FffW&VBVffV7@FRVVגBW'26FFvRVVמ( 2GF6bW"FFvW2B6W'Fg&RbFRGF6FRW"6G&vvW"FR'VWBFRVffV7BFRv&BS UdTDU4tFRv&B26vrFv&FW"FFPFW6vVBFR&ƗGF66VGF60'FFvr6VFrGvFffW&VBGW0bFFvr&6VBW"WB`FW6RfVGW&W2VFR77FV&V6Rf7B6VBf7B&W76R6&B77FV