SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 48

Zeyuan Fan Level Design « “FR_Refinery” and Boeing-707 Scene Prop The level “FR_Refinery” is a “flag-run” it an Artificial Intelligence character enriches the current UT4 map stock of with a realistic art style, including flight mode map for Unreal Tournament 4. It the flag-run mode map. The flag-run mode requires the two sides to take turns to attack (carry the flag to the enemy base) and defend. It emphasizes multiple entrances to the defender’s base, a big combat bow with enough covers, balances both sides, and makes sure that it is neither too easy for the attackers simulation games. Aircraft modeling requires precise control over the surface and splines, as modern aircraft has both hard edges and uniform curves simultaneously. Any tiny mistake in the geometry would cause errors for the animation. to sneak into the flag room nor too easy Although the scene prop was made by months to develop the map. This kind of modeling was more similar to “Loft,” in for the defenders to camp. It took two map fortified my skills in the iteration of “design-test-modify-verify.” Besides the whitebox geometry building, the preparation of the art assets helped me build my skills in 3DSMAX and substance painter. Specifically, the model of the Boeing-707 scene prop challenged my skills in creating hard surface models with uniform curves. I intended to make 48 that could be used in other games LEVEL DESIGN polygon modeling, the concept of the which you use a group of cross section profiles to control its shape precisely. The UVW unwrapping made it possible to create a skin template for this model. I have made all necessary decals and livery templates in 4K textures. This artifact could be used by future developers or players to create their paint theme’s base color in Adobe Photoshop and metalness/ roughness map in Substance Painter.