SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 42

Kristine Chen Level Design « “Room to Kill” “Room to Kill” was a Fallout 4 mod built spaces that fit into the Fallout 4 world, three months. The quest involved with could understand the characters that lived in Creation Kit over the course of about this mod is a murder mystery quest in which you, the player, help out an investigator with a crime investigation by picking up clues throughout the rooms of four residents in the area and making connections between the different characters. I chose to do this project because I believe that a large part of video games is the immersivity provided for players, and environmental storytelling fits that bill in various ways. My goals for this project were to not only build out believable 42 LEVEL DESIGN but to also make them so that a player in each individual space based on the environmental design. A big part of the project was seeing how much I needed to push the environmental storytelling in order to convey important aspects of the characters so that a player could figure out which characters belonged to which room based on visuals.