SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 32

Danielle Wilson Art Creation « Testing Limits Over the span of my Directed Focus The second project that dealt with higher things—making a very colorful stylized forward to after dealing with fantasy and Study, I wanted to try two different environment from my own concept and working on finer quality props from mesh to material. To try both things, I split my focus between a vibrant alien world and vibrancy. I picked a theme I enjoyed, which is aged artifacts, and selected a compass, monoscope, and traveling box. an aged navigation set. This allowed me to stretch myself a bit For my first and most involved project, the through trial and error that I am happy alien world, I researched and gathered materials on styles, color palettes, and scene composition. I wanted a lot of variety so that I could see what worked best or what was most common. While doing all of this, I had to make a list of everything I would need for a convincing and cohesive styled environment. 32 prop quality was one I was looking ART CREATION further than usual, and I learned a lot took place. I gained more confidence in my ability to assess new challenges and find solutions.