SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 30

Logan Talbert Art Creation « Game Environment Lighting This thesis project explores the use of cube-maps, color temperatures for light mood inside of a three-dimensional accuracy of reflections and shadows. lighting to establish atmosphere and environment using Unreal Engine. I created four different color palettes I enjoyed building this lighting project (morning, afternoon, evening, and night) type of work that contributes to creating representing four different times of day and applied advanced lighting techniques using post-processing, color grading, global illumination, light maps, and color theory. I decided to create an open deck environment with a small outside scene to show off directional lighting, as well as exterior and interior lighting. In pursuit of more realistic lighting, I created Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) textures in substance painter alongside High Dynamic Range (HDR) images for 30 sources, and IES profiles to increase the ART CREATION because it allowed me to practice the the final elements of films and games. I studied and applied my understanding of many things during this project: lighting tools and how to use them inside of Unreal Engine; interior design lighting rules such as color management; directional lighting; functionality and space; and using lighting to enhance gameplay and atmosphere.