SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 28

Duncan Reed Art Creation « M4 Carbine with Attachments and Weapon Skins For my thesis project, I created a soldiers use, how each attachment could 15 attachments and five weapon skin overall design for interesting silhouette realistic, game-ready M4 carbine with variants for a first-person shooter. I broke my project down into three pillars: • Matching real-world references • Attachments for customization • Weapon skins Variations of real-world attachments such as sights, grips, lights, rails, and under- barrel weaponry, along with weapon skins, provide customization options for player personalization and desired combat style. I chose to create the M4 specifically because it is the standard issue weapon within the US Armed Forces, is extremely customizable, and is commonly seen in most shooters with a modern setting. I created my asset list based on what real 28 ART CREATION uniquely contribute to gameplay, and the variation. Weapon skins are very common cosmetic items and can contribute to adding a layer of personalization and identity whether through achievement, prestige, or visual appeal. The entire project from beginning research to final renders and presentation took approximately four months, with the majority of asset production taking place over six weeks. I chose to study this topic because first-person shooters are very popular and are my favorite types of games. I would like to work on them as a hard surface/weapon artist in the future.