SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 14

Sean Hadeler Art Creation « 1990s Teen Bedroom Something that is important to artwork of the 90s in a teenage boy’s room. I entertainment industry as a whole, is objects that would be present at the time for game development, as well as the the ability to capture periods of time accurately. The focus for my thesis project was to build a period-specific room from the mid-1990s, specifically a teen boy’s room. I paid particular attention to pop culture, technology, music, film, and entertainment—all things that can help paint an accurate depiction of a specific period in time. and the materials they were made from to make the room as historically accurate as possible. By choosing a more modern time period, I was able to use personal insight as well to add custom details, which I feel captured the era accurately. This project was a call back to my past and the things that made my childhood so special. My approach was to build period- My bedroom artifact took approximately materials, reference iconic products completion. appropriate props, portray accurate and brands, and capture the essence 14 did research to understand the types of ART CREATION 12 weeks to complete from conception to