SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 10

Raya Castaneda Art Creation « Stylized Octopus Character Animation Set My master’s thesis project was a set of five stylized animations of Otto the Octopus, a character whose personality quality standard. I developed throughout the course of the I completed this project over the course of both real-life octopi behavior and famous and improved my skills in rigging, project. His movements were inspired by cartoon characters like Finding Dory’s Hank the Octopus and Lucas the Spider. I chose to animate a stylized octopus for a few reasons. Octopi are fascinating and mysterious creatures, and I wanted to challenge myself to animate such a strange and exotic creature. I also wanted to take on a project that would not only highlight my understanding and mastery of the character animation pipeline, but also would be a standout artifact for my animation portfolio. Lastly, I wanted to prove, both to myself and to future employers, that I can take a complex 10 character rig and animate it to a high- ART CREATION five months. During that time, I developed animation, and facial animation. I learned advanced rigging techniques in both Maya and 3DS Max, and I used those newfound skills to improve the facial rigging system for Otto. This project also gave me the chance to go through the animation pipeline from storyboard to completion. Because animation has become a bigger part of the video game industry, animators with these skills are highly sought.