SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2016 — Cohort 24 - Page 8

Bill Hood Art Creation « Seburo Gun The concept originated from Masamune each texture away from each other while fiction story about a police force in a subtle differences in grays in the diffuse Shirow’s manga, “Appleseed,” a science utopia surrounded by a post-apocalyptic world. Shirow was also the author of the popular manga and anime, “Ghost in The Shell.” Shirow’s design remained relevant as even modern games such as Overwatch drew inspiration from his artwork. This project was a study of material separation in hard surface modeling. There were four major textures in the gun: the powder coated barrel guard, the brush metal clip, the grain metal body, and the rubber grip. I wanted to use the specular, metal, and normal maps to push 8 ART CREATION a cohesive look was maintained. I used to help the material separation, but the main work was by the texture maps. The Seburo in the manga was drawn in the anime style. The goal with the modeling and textures was to give the Seburo a realistic feel. I learned a great deal about using wear and tear to tell a story about how the gun was used. Even as a prop, it can help narrate the overall feel of a game.