SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2016 — Cohort 24 - Page 6

Soraya Abtahi Art Creation « Modular Rig System and Workflow for Unreal Engine 4 This thesis project explores the creation of quad, winged, fish tail modular system a set of animated assets for a humanoid piece fits directly onto the torso of the a modular rig system and focuses around figure that are compatible within Unreal Engine 4’s Persona. Character rigging and animation are keys to allowing animators character to create diverse body load outs. the freedom and flexibility of creating The challenges prevalent throughout game and film development. I wanted to building blueprints, as well as making sure believable motions and movements within discover multiple rigging systems and as a result create a system useful for character development and creation. For three mods, I studied and researched different workflows and tutorials all of which provided the key to creating flexible and believable character deformations through a proper bone and control object system. The final product consists of a 6 and the animations of each asset. Each ART CREATION the creation process were learning and the skeletal meshes would align within Unreal Engine. This project taught me the importance of a clean skeletal system and keeping organized. Though I learned a couple of rigging methods, I would like to develop more skills in relation to character rigging and expand my knowledge.