SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2016 — Cohort 24 - Page 40

« The ALEX Protocol Team: Lightly Salted Studios It’s up to you to destroy the Iron Realm! Grapple, Dash, and Flail your way through endless evil robot enemies, hack their computers, and destroy their power cores to end their threat to humanity once and for all. The Iron Realm threatens the extinction of three basic attacks. You must fight your choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the Iron destroying everything in your path. the human race! Your mission, should you Realm and shut down their robot weapons program. Development Details: The ALEX Protocol is a fast-paced, third- • person action game for PC that supports controller or keyboard. Play as ALEX, a nuclear powered robot, who crushes his opponents with his deadly grapple claw and power attack. Each robot has a special weakness to one of ALEX’s 40 way out of the underground facility while • 24 Week Development Cycle • Built in Unreal Engine 4 17 Developers