SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2016 — Cohort 24 - Page 4

Gary Brubaker Director, SMU Guildhall « SHAPING GAME CHANGERS SINCE 2003 SMU Guildhall was designed as a living laboratory for the future of professional game development and its leadership. capstone projects. We have graduated over 650 alumni, who One of the important values we instill in globally. These students have earned Update a design until it is great. We are working at over 250 game studios degrees in one of four specializations: Art Creation, Level Design, Production or Software Development. The projects represented in this catalog offer a glimpse into the intense collaborative effort required to succeed our students is iteration. Keep learning. practice what we teach. With 13 years of iteration, SMU Guildhall has a proven track record of continual improvement. Our close partnerships with leading game development companies ensure a vibrant and current curriculum. in this interdisciplinary industry. SMU As you explore the breadth and of the industry. Our students learn by accomplishments of our students, I am Guildhall teaches in the style and pace doing. In our program, they build at least three games in cross-disciplinary teams, while being mentored by faculty who are 4 industry veterans. This includes large depth of the collective and individual sure you will share our confidence in their future success. Please join me in celebrating our graduates’ achievements!