SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2016 — Cohort 24 - Page 38

Mark Nausha Deputy Director, Game Lab « TEAM GAME PRODUCTION: AN INTRODUCTION Teamwork is a fundamental part of the Capstone games are the final team and is integral to our curriculum, as it class. C24’s Capstone project, recognized educational experience at SMU Guildhall allows students to work together in a creative atmosphere where they make design decisions and realize them in a meaningful way. Students form interdisciplinary teams to produce three games based on the skills taught in their specializations — Art Creation, Level Design, Production on the following pages of this catalog, was developed over the last three academic modules during the course of the graduates’ studies. The project included the largest team size and grandest design scope, resulting in a total conversion over approximately 18 weeks. It was developed using the Unreal Development Kit. and Software Development. Each team We are very proud of our students’ a life cycle from concept greenlight to you as much enjoyment as they bring us is organized with student leads and has product launch. The final outcome of each project is a tangible artifact that students can share with friends, family, and game industry professionals. 38 projects created by each graduating accomplishments and hope they bring at the Guildhall.