SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2016 — Cohort 24 - Page 36

Rukuan “Young” Yang Software Development « 2D Tile-Based Map Editor This project is a 2D Tile-based map editor a UI system and implemented UI widgets. C++. It is my second Directed Focus skills. The map contains different layers; I developed using my custom engine in Study, which took eight weeks to finish. The goal of this project was to get tiles from a tile atlas and use them to make 2D maps. I like roguelike games, and I wanted to use my custom engine to make a 2D roguelike game. This map editor was planned to create maps for that game. During implementation, the first thing I learned was the structure of a UI system, as I built 36 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Secondly, I learned additional rendering need to update and render them in order. Third, I gained experience in the data structure when saving tile properties.