SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2016 — Cohort 24 - Page 26

Marc Mixon Production « Android Tablet Game Production As part of my Directed Focus Study class, and Cassina Sculfield, et al., we collected as they embarked on their first team only a few short hours. I was privileged to work with Cohort 26 group project, making an Android tablet game in the Unity engine. During pre- This was a wonderful experience for me lectures to teach the students how to use my skills in preparation for entering production, I arranged for faculty guest Unity and Perforce. I was also available as resource for students to consult they worked through both technical problems and issues with team dynamics. I provided them with additional pre- to demonstrate leadership and hone the gaming industry as a producer. My involvement lasted from October to December and involved 47 students working on ten different games: production support by setting up a basic • The Town convention. • Potion Motion organizational file structure and naming Near the end of production, I arranged for the teams to visit the SMU main campus so that fellow students could test their games and provide survey feedback. Thanks to the excellent marketing support from Kathleen Tibbetts, Mary Guthrie, 26 approximately 300 survey responses in PRODUCTION • Ebmarah Reborn • Escape Velocity • Wakey Wakey • The Terrible Trap • Arclyte • Superhero Sweep Up • Moji Time • The Grove