SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2016 — Cohort 24 - Page 22

Brian Applegate Production « How Game Developers Apply User Feedback into the Development Plan Iteration is a core fundamental for the user feedback. After analyzing all of the must be conscious of iterations to be able all follow a general flow for applying development of video games. Developers to adjust designs and plans accordingly. A key portion of iteration is collecting feedback, which can come from many places. One of the most valuable sources of feedback comes from the target audience, the players of the game. This is known as user feedback data. Figuring out ways to efficiently incorporate user feedback data into the game is critical for video game development. To address this topic, my goal was to find out what companies do with user feedback data. I interviewed 10 different companies and collected data on various development practices related to applying 22 PRODUCTION data collected, I concluded that they user feedback. These outcomes are: User Feedback Data, Synthesized Data, Feedback Items to Address Decided, Ideas to Address Feedback Item, Proposed Change, Change Prioritized, and Changes Integrated into Development Plan. This is how user feedba