SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2015 — Cohort 22 - Page 8

Taylor Smith Art Creation « Conveying Storytelling Through an Atypical Horror Environment My thesis was a mastery-based study on student. The second room demonstrates in Unreal Engine 4. I first investigated the a malevolent haunting. The third and final creating an atypical horror environment horror genre in media, looking to games like The Evil Within, Resident Evil, and Five Nights at Freddy’s. I then looked at games that exemplify atypical horror such as P.T., Allison Road, and Dying Light. Atypical horror is all about challenging the clichés of the horror genre, so that was the main intention of my artifact. The artifact itself is a series of three identical rooms, each conveying a different genre of horror and telling a different story relative to the genre. The first room demonstrates manmade horror and tells the story of a disturbed problem 8 ART CREATION supernatural horror, and it tells the story of room demonstrates natural horror, telling the story of a fire that decimated the environment. Not only did I learn about art processes, but I learned about level design and scripting. Throughout the process, analyzing different methods of creation and implementation yielded their respective successes and drawbacks. These elements resulted in a more complete atmosphere for each room, and ultimately a more successful artifact.