SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2015 — Cohort 22 - Page 32

INUA Team: Betrayal Games « It is tradition that those born as Shaman prove their worth to the nature goddess... The time has come for you to enter the temple and face the trials. Use your power to control your environment and your wits to overcome challenges, and reach the heart of the temple. Inua is a first-person 3D single-player action puzzler in which players use ice and fire to manipulate their environment, utilize enemies in creative ways, and progress through an ancient, mysterious temple. The player takes the role of a young woman named Kaya, who ventures into the temple of a nature goddess. Kaya must obtain her totem element—an external expression of her nature that each individual in her tribe must achieve. To her surprise, she obtains control of both ice and fire. Presented with more questions than answers at the start of her spiritual journey, 32 Kaya’s adventure continues to the highest terrace of the Elemental Temple. The volcanic temple is the seat of truth for Kaya’s people, and prophecy maintains that one Great Soul will brave the temple’s golems and attain balance at the top. Although many initiates have attempted to stand at the top of the temple, no one ever has—until now.