SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2015 — Cohort 22 - Page 24

Hoang Nguyen Software Development « Procedural Terrain Generation Using Marching Cube I chose this project because Procedural claimed that it takes 585 billion years to my favorite topics, and because I love what PCG can achieve. Content Generation (PCG) is one of Minecraft. PCG is increasingly becoming more popular in the video game industry. This project is my first step into PCG. terrain, level, texture, Artificial Intelligence, increase, and I want to be ahead of it. I It has been used widely in generating and more. The randomness characteristic of PCG is what makes it so powerful. With only a few parameters, we can generate a large number of possible types of content. No Man’s Sky is the newest game title using PCG. It is a science fiction game set in an “infinite” procedurally generated galaxy. The developer of the game has 24 explore them all. It always amazes me SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT In the not too far future, PCG use will completed this project in three months. In this project, I generated terrain geometry procedurally using the Marching Cube algorithm. To add more realism in my demo, I also programmed water surface simulation with refraction and reflection. I also created trees and grass using a geometry shader.