SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2015 — Cohort 22 - Page 14

Jason Leary Level Design « Velociball: Designing, Prototyping, and Evaluating New Gameplay Mechanics I have always been interested in my mechanics. In the prototype, testers I knew this was an important topic, so I jetpack basketball to evaluate two prototyping my own gameplay mechanics. selected it for my thesis. My thesis took approximately five months to complete, from the beginning of summer break through the end of October. To study the process of prototyping and evaluating new gameplay mechanics: using jetpacks to navigate the arena and position themselves for shots, and using telekinetic powers to pick up the ball and score goals worth varying point values based upon the sizes of the targets. mechanics, I chose to create an original One of the biggest challenges I faced in to design and script my own gameplay through the different opinions testers had game for my thesis. This required me mechanics, iterate on them, and then test those mechanics for their usability and potential fun. I created an entirely original game I titled Velociball to properly test the potential of 14 played a single-player game of telekinetic LEVEL DESIGN the creation of my thesis was working on how the telekinesis mechanic should function in game. Through my work on this project, I learned a great deal about scripting in Unreal 4 and utilizing the iterative process in the prototyping of new gameplay.