SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Fall 2015 — Cohort 22 - Page 12

Michael Crawford Level Design « Level Construction and Balance When Designing for Class-Based Shooters When building a multiplayer map, designers have to plan encounters for This map took roughly four months to the game offers a variety of classes that iteration. The biggest challenge was to players using different playstyles. When have different player stats, this can add another layer of difficulty. This thesis set out to deconstruct a multiplayer map in order to determine what techniques to use to ensure no one class has an advantage or disadvantage throughout the map. I wanted to do this thesis to examine the different techniques used to balance 12 all of the classes in Team Fortress 2. LEVEL DESIGN complete, from initial designs to the final incorporate all of the testers’ feedback quickly so I could begin the next round of testing as soon as possible. This thesis helped to reinforce some techniques such as drawing the players’ attention and differentiating pathways to separate locations.