Smithereens Press Chapbooks SP14 - The Lighthouses by Daragh Breen - Page 15

Slyne Head; 1836, 35 metres, 2 white flashes, separated by 2.4 seconds, every 15 seconds Slyne Head; 1836, 18 metres, inactive since 1898 Inisheer; 1857, 34 metres, white light 6 seconds on, 6 seconds off, red light is shown over rocks to the East Across the surface of Connemara bogs damp bricks of turf are domed in small piles like worm-casts on tide-receding beaches, in the coffin-still pools they leave behind the late summer sun sets, spilling its colours like a fall of Japanese sacred fish. These colours, these wind-pigments of loneliness have been gathered by William’s brother and layered onto canvasses of rural horse fairs and archaeological excavations of circuses rendered in rancid flesh, the soft mushroom flesh of the clowns’ faces, drowned in earth, their red make-up smeared like haggish Ophelias. 11