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INTERNATIONAL ECO COMMERCE PARTNERSHIP (IECP) ECO COMMERCE SOLUTIONS (ECS)! JUNE 2014 Eco Commerce Services Our services include, but are not limited to, customized Virtual Showroom Design and Hosting, Strategic Business Plans, Research & Development, Branding, Web Design, Social Media, Audio/Video Production, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Event Planning, Trade Missions, and more. Business Consulting & Coaching Partners in ECO Commerce From interactive online Marketplace to advanced Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS), we specialize in creating and hosting Eco Commerce Solutions (ECS) for businesses of all sizes. ECE is an online Marketplace showcasing and promoting YOUR business to highly targeted international audience of over one million Business Leaders, Investors, and Policy Makers. ECE’s global team of Eco Commerce experts work with businesses across industries and continents. Eco Commerce Solutions (ECS) We offer customized Virtual Showrooms and Business Solutions for business to help them promote their business globally. • Strategic Planning • Project Management • Research & Development • Marketing & Sales • Finance • Commercialization • Communication • IT • Legal Online Solutions • Recommendation of online solutions that best suits the need of your business. • Training your staff how to use Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS). • Online Webinars in the learning center with 24/7 access. Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS) • Set-up, support, training and management. • Build your business profile and content. • Strategize and manage your campaigns. Brand Identity Solutions • Design/placement of your logo/taglines/slogans. • Showroom headers/supporting graphics. Spain SHOWCASE YOUR BUSINESS 365/24/7 Content Creation Services • Audio and Video Production. • Scriptwriting. • Online Showroom Content. • Social Media Content. In the last several decades Spain's socio-economic situation has been marked by rapid economic and social • Social Media Posting. development, and significant population growth.• White Paper Reports. These developments have driven an enormous increase in housing Virtual Marketplace Services • Newsletters, Blogs, Despite water stock, demand for transport services, and waste generation. Articles, Sales Letters.efficiency improvements over the last • Press Releases. • ‘Done for country is Showroom. decades the you’ - Interactivefacing ever increasing water shortage which poses the need in water efficiency innovations. • Digital Media Kits. • Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS). • Email the and Ad Design. There Virtual Assistance. amounts of solid wastes, while Blasts resource efficiency and consumption need improvements are growing • • Media Kits. • E-Commerce. towards sustainable patterns. Growing number of cars in fact, Sheets. cancelled out the improved energy and environmental • Brochures and Sell • E-Learning efficiency achieved in other sectors. Industries• Business Cards and Letterhead. are increasingly contributing to the nation's and agriculture sector • Newsletter • Ad Design water Email Subscriptions • pollution problem. Economic crises also poses additional eco innovation needs and challenges in Spain. • Integrated Social Media Tools Contact • Mobile Integration The •solution involves putting in place processes allowing economic growth to be completely disassociated from and more! environmental degradation and the use of resources (producing more with less), while incorporating “sufficiency” criteria for rational consumption. Primary energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions have declined in Spain LEARN MORE: ECO C of economic growth since 1999 reflecting the decoupling OMMERCE EXCHANGE (ECE) from primary energy consumption. Many enterprises and technology providers are emerging in the sector of renewable energy. However, a large potential rests in the eco innovations involving low energy consuming practices in industry and housing, ICT solutions, etc Today there is a high recognition of green certification among Spanish companies. The country also has larger set of eco labelled products. Governmental allocation for environmental R&D is higher than in most of other EU countries. Among the leading eco innovation areas in Spain are water management, sustainable construction, and biogas industry. New technologies controlling the electricity demand as well as eco innovative nanotechnologies, and electric cars are expected to gain a potential in the national market. The national policy domain offers a range of strategies and documents related to innovation, energy, climate change, and sustainable development that directly or indirectly influence eco innovation development. The policies support eco innovation resulting in greater resource and energy efficiency in production processes. 2013 Spain Eco Innovation Report ECOnomic Development Eco Commerce Marketplace Technology and Regions Trade Missions