SMART Community Review (SCR) May/June 2014 TransAtlantic Eco Commerce(clone) - Page 28

INTERNATIONAL ECO COMMERCE PARTNERSHIP (IECP) Slovenia Slovenia is a post-transitional Central European country that has gained independence through the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991. Today Slovenia is a private economy country with a liberal market, well integrated in EU and international market exchange. Slovenian economy has developed into a postindustrial economy; approx. one-third of the GDP is produced by industrial activities (manufacturing, construction, energy) and farming, while two-thirds are services. Forests cover almost 60 % of the country, making it the third country in Europe by share of forests. Natura 2000 protected area covers 31,4 % of the country, what is the largest share of all EU countries. In last two decades SLovenia has become a leader of the EU new Member States group in economic development and achieving higher efficiency. Despite its small size, Slovenia has a high biodiversity and extensive natural habitats. However, today Slovenia is facing manifold economic and environmental challenges, such as growing prices for natural resources, economic and financial crisis on one hand and high emissions of greenhouse gases, high energy intensity of the economy and inefficient water and waste treatment on the other hand. In eco innovation indicators Slovenia is among the best performing countries in the new Member States group. The most eco innovative sectors in Slovenia are electric equipment industry, solar power equipment industry, construction sector introducing energy saving measures, and waste recycling industry. Research and innovation on electric vehicles has been on raise. There is no specif eco innovation policy strategy and no significant incentive for eco innovations apart from general innovations and R&D support programs, entrepreneurship support measures. Within the frame of the environmental policy there is a focus on greenhouse gas emissions reduction, nature protection, improved quality of life and reduction of waste and industrial pollution. 2013 Slovenia Eco Innovation Report ECOnomic Development Eco Commerce Marketplace Technology and Regions Trade Missions