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INTERNATIONAL ECO COMMERCE PARTNERSHIP (IECP) ECO COMMERCE SOLUTIONS (ECS)! JUNE 2014 Eco Commerce Services Our services include, but are not limited to, customized Virtual Showroom Design and Hosting, Strategic Business Plans, Research & Development, Branding, Web Design, Social Media, Audio/Video Production, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Event Planning, Trade Missions, and more. Business Consulting & Coaching Partners in ECO Commerce From interactive online Marketplace to advanced Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS), we specialize in creating and hosting Eco Commerce Solutions (ECS) for businesses of all sizes. ECE is an online Marketplace showcasing and promoting YOUR business to highly targeted international audience of over one million Business Leaders, Investors, and Policy Makers. ECE’s global team of Eco Commerce experts work with businesses across industries and continents. Eco Commerce Solutions (ECS) We offer customized Virtual Showrooms and Business Solutions for business to help them promote their business globally. • Strategic Planning • Project Management • Research & Development • Marketing & Sales • Finance • Commercialization • Communication • IT • Legal Online Solutions • Recommendation of online solutions that best suits the need of your business. • Training your staff how to use Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS). • Online Webinars in the learning center with 24/7 access. Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS) • Set-up, support, training and management. • Build your business profile and content. • Strategize and manage your campaigns. Brand Identity Solutions • Design/placement of your logo/taglines/slogans. • Showroom headers/supporting graphics. Content Creation Services SHOWCASE YOUR BUSINESS 365/24/7 Romania • Audio and Video Production. • Scriptwriting. • Online Showroom Content. • Social Media Content. Romania is a country of considerable potential: a Posting. of natural resources, rich agricultural lands, • Social Media wealth White Paper Reports. importantMarketplace Services renewable energy sources (wind,• biomass, hydro, geothermal), a substantial industrial base, an Virtual • Newsletters, educatedfor you’ - Interactive Showroom. work force and opportunities for expandedBlogs, Articles, Sales Letters. development in tourism on the Black Sea and in the • Press Releases. • ‘Done • Digital Media Kits. Carpathian Mountains. (MMMS). • Multi Media Marketing System • Email Blasts and Ad Design. • Virtual Assistance. • Media Kits. • E-Commerce. • Brochures and Sell Sheets. At the same time the country faces various environmental challenges and is still in the process of • E-Learning • Business Cards and Letterhead. • Newsletter catching up with the environmental performance of the average of EU27 countries. The economy is still • Ad Design • Email Subscriptions based on fossil fuels Tools • Integrated Social Media (40%). Since 1990, Romania has constantly made efforts to reduce CO2 emissions; Contact • Mobile Integration however emission reduction remains a challenge. In the Renewable Energy Resource Assessment, the • and more! EBRD estimates domestic solar water heating for public buildings and hotels, passive solar systems and LEARN the stand-alone systems for sites far from MORE: grid to be the most promising applications. Some positive ECO COMMERCE E trends are observed in the eco-industry, XCHANGE (ECE) which shows growing employment and turnover. However the eco industry is still not very strong in the country; the few cleantech companies operating in the country suffer from lack of investment. In the last decade the country has been widely promoting measures on improving energy efficiency in the residential housing and public transport, advancing renewable energy exploitation (biomass, wind, geothermal, hydro). Using joint funding the country has set initiatives on supporting eco innovations in local companies, building collaboration platforms, and promoting green public procurement. A number of policy strategies and programs address eco innovations with the main focus on infrastructure development and improving entrepreneurial environment. 2013 Romania Eco Innovation Report ECOnomic Development Eco Commerce Marketplace Technology and Regions Trade Missions