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INTERNATIONAL ECO COMMERCE PARTNERSHIP (IECP) ECO COMMERCE SOLUTIONS (ECS)! JUNE 2014 Eco Commerce Services Our services include, but are not limited to, customized Virtual Showroom Design and Hosting, Strategic Business Plans, Research & Development, Branding, Web Design, Social Media, Audio/Video Production, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Event Planning, Trade Missions, and more. Business Consulting & Coaching Partners in ECO Commerce From interactive online Marketplace to advanced Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS), we specialize in creating and hosting Eco Commerce Solutions (ECS) for businesses of all sizes. ECE is an online Marketplace showcasing and promoting YOUR business to highly targeted international audience of over one million Business Leaders, Investors, and Policy Makers. ECE’s global team of Eco Commerce experts work with businesses across industries and continents. Eco Commerce Solutions (ECS) We offer customized Virtual Showrooms and Business Solutions for business to help them promote their business globally. Hungary • Strategic Planning • Project Management • Research & Development • Marketing & Sales • Finance • Commercialization • Communication • IT • Legal Online Solutions • Recommendation of online solutions that best suits the need of your business. • Training your staff how to use Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS). • Online Webinars in the learning center with 24/7 access. Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS) • Set-up, support, training and management. • Build your business profile and content. • Strategize and manage your campaigns. Brand Identity Solutions • Design/placement of your logo/taglines/slogans. • Showroom headers/supporting graphics. Hungary is a medium-sized economy in central Europe. Like most eastern European economies, in the early 1990s it Content Creation Services experienced a transition away from a centrally planned economy and has undergone the market liberalization. Since SHOWCASE YOUR • Audio and Video Production. then it has been getting nearly one third of all foreign direct investment flowing into central Europe. BUSINESS 365/24/7 • Scriptwriting. • Online Showroom Content. • Social Media Content. • Social Media Posting. • White Paper Reports. • Newsletters, Blogs, Articles, Sales Letters. • Press Releases. • Digital Media Kits. • Email Blasts and Ad Design. • Media Kits. • Brochures and Sell Sheets. • Business Cards and Letterhead. • Ad Design The overall eco innovation performance of Hungary has been improving over time. However still modest performance is observed for ecoServices Virtual Marketplace innovation investment and activities. Environmental outcomes particularly water and material productivity of the economy are on a relatively better level. More dynamic eco innovative activities are observed in • ‘Done for you’ - Interactive Showroom. • Multi Media energy industry (namely biomass and geothermal energy), housing sector, which promotes energy the renewable Marketing System (MMMS). • Virtual Assistance. efficiency measures, public transport and industrial biotechnology. More sophisticated innovations are upcoming in • E-Commerce. • E-Learning housing, construction and green mobility areas. There is no specific eco innovation strategy in Hungary, although • Newsletter there• Email a number of Tools are Subscriptions strategic policy documents addressing the topic (including those covering innovation, S&T • Integrated Social Media Contact Mobile Integration development and economic growth). policies, sustainable • • and more! Spending on eco innovation related areas makes up only a small proportion of total R&D expenditures in Hungary. LEARN MORE: ECO COMMERCE Although there is a growing awareness of EXCHANGE (ECE) and positive development in terms of ‘eco-dynamism‘ eco innovation amongst Hungarian companies, the trend is still far slower than in the EU eco innovation leaders. In recent years, the EU subsidies targeting environmental problems in Hungary mainly supported the development of environmental infrastructure: between 2000-2006 over €28m of EU Structural Funds (SF) support was invested in water treatment and waste processing facilities and around €9.1m were channelled into renewable sources of energy. In 2000-2006, SFs were not allocated to support companies and SMEs in the development and application of cleaner technologies. However, in the 2007-2013 period, the amount of cohesion policy investment for Hungary allocated to support ecoinnovation in SMEs has reached nearly €52m. Furthermore, around €941m have been planned for environmental and sustainable infrastructure, energy efficiency and pollution control in the country. The impact of the cohesion policy expenditure on eco innovation is likely to be limited as the focus has been on establishing conventional environmental infrastructure, rather then on eco innovative projects. 2013 Hungary Eco Innovation Report ECOnomic Development Eco Commerce Marketplace Technology and Regions Trade Missions