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INTERNATIONAL ECO COMMERCE PARTNERSHIP (IECP) ECO COMMERCE SOLUTIONS (ECS)! JUNE 2014 Eco Commerce Services Our services include, but are not limited to, customized Virtual Showroom Design and Hosting, Strategic Business Plans, Research & Development, Branding, Web Design, Social Media, Audio/Video Production, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Event Planning, Trade Missions, and more. Business Consulting & Coaching Partners in ECO Commerce From interactive online Marketplace to advanced Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS), we specialize in creating and hosting Eco Commerce Solutions (ECS) for businesses of all sizes. ECE is an online Marketplace showcasing and promoting YOUR business to highly targeted international audience of over one million Business Leaders, Investors, and Policy Makers. ECE’s global team of Eco Commerce experts work with businesses across industries and continents. Eco Commerce Solutions (ECS) We offer customized Virtual Showrooms and Business Solutions for business to help them promote their business globally. • Strategic Planning • Project Management • Research & Development • Marketing & Sales • Finance • Commercialization • Communication • IT • Legal Online Solutions • Recommendation of online solutions that best suits the need of your business. • Training your staff how to use Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS). • Online Webinars in the learning center with 24/7 access. Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS) • Set-up, support, training and management. • Build your business profile and content. • Strategize and manage your campaigns. Brand Identity Solutions Germany SHOWCASE • Design/placement of your logo/taglines/slogans. • Showroom headers/supporting graphics. Content Creation Services YOUR Audio and Video the fourth-largest (by nominal GDP) in the world Germany is the largest national economy • in Europe, Production. • Scriptwriting. BUSINESS Since the age of industrialization, the country has been a driver, innovator, and beneficiary of an ever • Online Showroom Content. 365/24/7 • world's second more globalized economy. Germany is theSocial Media Content. largest exporter. Exports account for more • Media Posting. thanVirtual Marketplacenational output. Germany’sSocial Paper Reports. one-third of Services major economic sectors in terms of their contribution to GDP • White • Newsletters, Blogs, Articles, Sales Letters. are services (69.0%) and the manufacturing industry (30.1%). Agriculture and forestry only amount to • Press Releases. • ‘Done for you’ - Interactive Showroom. 0.9%.Multi Media Marketing System (MMMS). holds a strong Media Kits. In comparison, Germany • Digital industrial base, many services are related to industrial • • Email Blasts and Ad Design. activities. Assistance. • Virtual The country is strong in the production of environmental goods (technologies, machinery and • Media Kits. • E-Commerce. equipment). With a global market shareBrochures and Sell Sheets. • of 16.1% it was the largest exporter of environmental • E-Learning • Newsletter technologies in 2006. Measured against its• Business Cards andU.S. (14.9%), Japan (9.2%), Italy (6.1%), United competitors Letterhead. • Ad Design • Email Subscriptions Kingdom (5.1%) Media Tools • Integrated Social and France (4.6%) the German environmental protection industry has a very high level Contact • Mobile Integration of competitiveness. In 2008, the share of environmental protection goods of the German industrial goods • and more! exports was nearly 7%. LEARN MORE: ECO COMMERCE EXCHANGE (ECE) Since the contribution of environmental technologies within the German export has always been exceptionally high, the environmental technology industry kept this position at a steady high level. In 2007, the European Patent Office granted about 23% of all new in environmental technology patents to German firms. Germany is one of the high performing countries in the EU in eco innovations. The country hosts a large number of companies with environmental certificates. The share of material and energy reducing companies is high in comparison to other EU Member States. Leading eco innovation areas are circular economy technologies (e.g. automatic separation processes, decentralized water treatment) and renewable energy technologies. Germany’s eco innovation policy covers action plans (such as the High Tech Strategy) and funding for research (e.g. innovation alliances). The country is particularly advanced in research on material efficiency measures, policies and institutions. 2013 Germany Eco Innovation Report ECOnomic Development Eco Commerce Marketplace Technology and Regions Trade Missions