Small Business Today Magazine JUL 2014 PHENOMENAL PRODUCTS - Page 26

EDITORIALFEATURE Getting Organized:  Use the 6 Cs to Organize Your Office By Holly Uverity, CPO®, Office Organizers I believe that anyone who truly wants to get his or her office organized can.  It’s much more than just tossing things out and making new folders; it requires time, energy, and commitment to change – or what I call the 6 Cs.     Consciousness  We are all familiar with the quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  When it comes to organizing, people often believe that this is the time that they are going to get and stay organized; this is the time that it will work.  Yet they’re not really aware of what’s going on.  They don’t understand that getting organized, like any other behavior change you want to make, begins with being conscious.   Being conscious means that you are aware of what is actually going on with you and your office.  For most people, that means stopping and taking an inventor B