Small Business Today Magazine JUL 2014 PHENOMENAL PRODUCTS - Page 21

EDITORIALFEATURE Redefining Yourself Through Entrepreneurship By Aaron Kaplan  W hen we find ourselves experiencing a calamity such as a job loss that immediately changes the landscape of our life, we are often told that “everything happens for a reason, and something positive will ultimately come from this.”  As well-meaning and well-intentioned others may be in attempting to offer sympathetic gestures of support and ways to attach a more empowering and positive meaning to our present circumstances, the reality is that statements like those I just mentioned are the last thing one wants to hear in the midst of a life-altering crisis.  I know because I’ve been there myself.  But after surviving an unexpected job loss followed by an even unexpected divorce just a few short weeks later that ultimately brought me to Houston about a year ago, I am living proof that a lot of really great lemonade can be made from what may seem like not many quality lemons.   The reality is that losing a job, regardless of whatever stage one might be experiencing in their professional life, can truly be an opportunity of a lifetime to reconnect with their core authenticity and, thus, redefine themselves and their environment.  Entrepreneurship provides the process in which to accomplish that.   The path toward entrepreneurial success begins with an honest and forthright examination and clarification of your authentic values and needs.  Focusing on our values helps us recognize and apply our attention towards what matters most.  We can avoid getting hijacked by the things tha \[