Small Business Today Magazine JUL 2014 PHENOMENAL PRODUCTS - Page 11

Both of Howard’s books have been on “Best Sellers!” Both books cover the “Secrets” of a “Phenomenal Business” and “Life”! Photo by Gwen Juarez Photography. Phenomenal Life” and “The 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business”. Howard delights in being able to give business owners back their lives! In fact, he loves giving so much that he has a website, www., where he offers a lot of free resources. Over the period when Howard bought out his partners and to the present, he began developing himself as a better leader and he also started developing his people as leaders. He began studying and was able to meet Michael Gerber who wrote the book that changed his life. Then he met Zig Ziglar and John Maxwell and started learning from them. In addition, Howard would bring them to speak at the conferences that he started doing. Presently, the Howard Partridge Round Table Conferences have some of the world’s top business authors speak at these events that are held three times a year. In addition, Howard spends his time coaching and teaching others to implement his proven systems. He does weekly group coaching and also one-on-one coaching. He has a membership website where all of his training is located and members can download it. Every week on Tuesday mornings, Howard does live training on a webinar. Howard has many success stories of those he has helped “free” from being slaves to their business. One of these people is John Browning in Nashville. He had