Small Business Start-Up Kit - Page 17

Procurement Doing Business With The Government Through the State of Wisconsin’s Bureau of Procurement, learn how to become a registered vendor with the State of Wisconsin and its many agencies. Visit the VendorNet System at for more information. “ Several people have asked me, “What does a company like Toro get out of its Tomah Greater Area Chamber of Commerce membership?” That’s a fair question, as membership in the Chamber is neither compulsory nor free. The Toro presence in Tomah is a manufacturing facility and distribution center. The Toro Tomah facilities don’t sell any product here and we don’t have any customers here. But we do employ a lot of people. Approximately 700 Toro employees call this area their home - and our employees want a vibrant downtown, good schools, affordable housing and access to great healthcare. Everyone wants to live in a nice area near plenty of stores and restaurants. Everyone wants their children to attend high-achieving schools, and to have easy access to hospitals and doctors. An effective Chamber of Commerce encourages all of this and more. And we do buy a lot of things locally. Toro purchases many services: like catering, electrical contracting, janitorial, information technology, construction, uniform rental and many others. Toro purchases food for meetings and small parts for maintenance and repairs. Toro needs access to local small business that can provide these goods and services in a timely and consistent manner. An effective Chamber of Commerce gives small businesses the tools they need to grow and prosper. When the Tomah area provides a livable city with a thriving business climate, a large company – like Toro – is able to attract employees and maintain its infrastructure. What does Toro get out of its Chamber membership? Quite a bit. - Dennis Coffey, Plant Financial Manager, The Toro Company Greater Area Tomah Chamber of Commerce Page |17