Small Business Directory 2018-19 - Page 12

MEDIA & VISUAL ARTS ARTISAN CRAFTS & GOODS MIRACLE HANDS CANDLES Maritza García, Owner 5 703-798-6641 ARTERE ZONE Maritza Garcia, born in Guatemala, is an artisan and founder of Miracle Hands, which produces aromatic candles, soaps and other specialty items. At age eight, Maritza started working with crafts. Her creations have been sold on Amazon, as well as in several museums in Washington, D.C. Each hand-sculpted ceramic mold, is done with intricate, original designs. /Scented-Beauty- Shops-1003033663104797 202-621-4173 SCENTED BEAUTY SHOPS Meyling Noguera, Owner Meyling Noguera, born in Venezuela, is the owner of Scented Beauty Shops, which specializes in artisanal and aromatic soaps. She is currently in the process of obtaining the organic certification. Her products are completely handmade with organic ingredients and she can custom design soaps for your special occasion. María Teresa Llanos, Owner 202-650-8526 Maria Teresa Llanos, born in Venezuela, is a Carlos Rosario School student. Artere Zone was launched in 2017 to capture the genuine emotions of family, community and corporate events. Her company offers: professional photography, instant/photo booth, video production and marketing material development. a deserunt mollit anim id est laborum LOTUS EVENTS Silvia Pohl, Owner 443-988-5513 Silvia Pohl, from Colombia, is the founder of Lotus Events. Silvia has over 10 years of experience organizing both family and corporate events. Lotus Events offers various possibilities based on your budget. She will help you create an event that is memorable and unique for the occasion. 6