SMag Issue 17 - Page 8

Here’s some of our favourite vlogs from the event...some starring yours truly! Full interactive features are only avaliable on our Yumpu reader Throughout the event there were a few very interesting panels for everyone to watch over in one corner of the hall. The first to take to the stage (very bravely, might I add) were Steph0Sims and the English Simmer, who gave a panel on let’s play videos. Me being me, I somehow managed to end up in the spotlight, having tripped over a chair as I went to ask a question for the panel. There was also an interesting build panel with The Sim Supply and Deligracy, where they built a little house, and also struggled to get to grips with the Mac controls for The Sims 4. Speaking of Deligracy, she had to be the most in-demand person at the event! A table that was once dedicated to the special Voidcritter cards became what we dubbed the “Deli table”, where a queue to say hello had formed! There was also an interesting panel which included a man from YouTube and the many creators at the event talking about what it means to make YouTube content, and the challenges and responsibilities that come with it. It was really quite eye opening. You can see little bits of it in Steph’s vlog to the left. Now, as if there wasn’t enough to do with all of these talks going on, at one point, Dan hinted to me that “we’ve got something very exciting coming now.” What could it have been? Not soon later, Rachel wandered into the event hall with an alpaca! The team had managed to arrange for an alpaca from the pet show next door to come and say hello to everyone, and he went down very well people were >> 8