SMag Issue 17 - Page 7

By the time I’d turned up at EventCity UK I had already been awake for five hours. Fuelled by giddiness and a lovely bacon bap from a motorway service station, I and around three hundred other Simmers were queuing to enter the Simmers Meetup 2016, the third event organised by BeyondSims and Rachybop. This year, the event took us to Manchester, and there was plenty in store! I missed last year’s event, but there were plenty of familiar faces from the 2014 event and Twitter, like one of my favourites, Simtastic World! It was also wonderful to meet the lovely Mollie (you might know her as The English Simmer), whose vlog will be over the page, as well as Luke the Plumbob and his amazing shiny jacket! That’s not to mention the hilarious Steph0Sims, who it was great to meet! The Sims Resource had a presence at this year’s event, and had machines set up to play every game - The Sims 1 through to The Sims 4! Unfortunately, The Sims 1 wouldn’t play ball with Windows 7, but we all had a wonderful time! They were holding a lucky dip of sorts, and we all came away with a free VIP membership for a week. Find out more about them here. The venue was huge, and a wall of Sims umbrellas kept us from straying where we shouldn’t have! EA took over a corner of the hall with their A̰ݡݕ)ԁѼ䁹ЁЁQM̀ЁЁͼ)QḾɕ䁅M ե%Є)]ٕȁѡɔݥѠMѕ)1խݡɔMѕչѡЁѡ)ɕ䁡́ѽ́ɔѕ́ɐ)Ѽܸ݅)͵((0