SMag Issue 17 - Page 36

Full interactive features are only avaliable on our Yumpu reader BEAUTIFUL COWARD by TwistTVShow MADE WITH The Sims 3 RUNNING TIME 10:47 36 Beautiful Coward is the start of a new series by TwistTVShow, known for Life’s A Beach. However, if you are expecting something along the lines of Life’s a Beach, you will be disappointed because this is far from it. Twist explains the story: “In a timeless Victorian world, morality is now reversed. All that is right is wrong, and all that is good is evil. Everyone has been converted to or born a blackguard-everyone except Finley Foster, known as the beautiful coward, the last purehearted soul alive. It is every blackguard’s dream to convert him to their side and entirely shroud the world in darkness. Now, threatening his safety, Finley has grown so lonely that he dares invite danger to his doorstep--all for the simple chance of making a friend.” The sets are amazing and the story fascinating. This is Gothic storytelling at its best.