SMag Issue 17 - Page 18

A head start into the world of the undead... Our culture is full of crazy tales of the undead walking the Earth, from religions to comic books. But, some sort of zombie apocalypse isn’t actually possible, right? RIGHT? Actually, it is very much possible…at least in The Sims 4! Well, sorta. In this edition of the Mod Pod, we’re going to take a look at the Zombie Set by Poon’s Creations. This mod is a must have if you’re preparing for Halloween, or just want to add some not-so-normal Sims into the game. Without a continuous stream of life states from Maxis, it’s only normal that we yearn for more variety. This mod should help fill that void! First things first. This mod is currently only available for Adult Female Sims, but we are very hopeful 18 the creator will expand the creation for Male Sims and even children! Maybe even head over to Poon’s Creations and let them know you’d like to see this mod expanded! Now on to the good stuff! This mod comes with some amazing Create-aSim assets. Items include a Custom Zombie Trait, Eye Colour, Skin Detail, and an Outfit. The skin detail includes gashes across the shin and upper torso, and the outfit includes blood splatter and a missing hand. One of our favorite things about this set is that you can mix and match the assets to create truly unique Sims. Want a Zombie bride? Done. Want a zombie ranger in Granite Falls? Done. Want a hospital patient with a missing limb? Done!