SMag Issue 17 - Page 15

R RATED Who could possibly rate The Sims as being unsuitable for children!? Well, the answer to that question is Putin’s Russia: the game is rated 18 due to the fact that your Sims can have gay relationships. Talk about a backwards country... Here’s a classic one that everybody loves. In Norway, Sweden, and some other countries with similar languages, The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff becomes Full Fart Staesj, owing to the translation of the word ‘speed’, which is usually translated to ‘fart’. FULL SPEED! je t’adore Finally, the French are really huge fans of The Sims: so much so that they even gave the game it’s own postage stamp in 2005! In France, The Sims is ranked eighth on a list of the ten best entertainment products...just behind the Da Vinci Code! La Poste distributed 3 million of these unique stamps honouring The Sims. @smagofcl 15