SMag Issue 17 - Page 13

We’re often told that the language of love is universal, but that isn’t the case in The Sims 4! We might know it as WooHoo, but in France, it’s called Cric-Crak. love THE LANGUAGE OF In Germany, getting down and dirty is called Techtelmechtel (which can translate as ‘entanglement’?), and in Brazil, your Sims can Oba-Oba! In Norway, there’s no rhyming to be found, and they call it the more boring-sounding årnings. But play the game in Dutch, and it’s Ojaa, which can mean “oh yes!”. Almost every language has a different word for WooHoo! WATCH OUT FOR BEASTS Who doesn’t love puppies and kittens!? Well, clearly the Germans: they call The Sims 3 Pets “Einfach Tierisch”, which roughly translates as Simply Beastly! The German version of the game also carries a seal of approval from Ross Antony, a German television personality. At least it isn’t Katy Perry! @smagofcl 13