SMag Issue 17 - Page 11

going crazy for the alpaca! Lots of people just couldn’t resist a selfie with him. Rest assured, he was happy and calm throughout, and returned to the pet show quickly. I kept saying that it wasn’t like meeting new people at the event: instead, it was like catching up with old friends. Everyone felt so familiar, none more so than the lovely Mysticalmaid and Cinderellimouse. It was great to sit down and have a little chat about the game (and also about how lovely the brownies at the little cafe were - they really were spectacular). The excitement still didn’t stop there! At around four o’clock a huge raffle was held, and there was a plethora of Steelseries merch up for grabs, as well as some games. Also up for grabs were the umbrellas that were being used to cordon off parts of the hall - I was lucky enough to win an umbrella, and so were many others in the crowd! There was also a lovely cosplay competition, featuring a line-up of Grim Reapers, burglars, Bella Goths and Bob Pancakes - it was only a sight you would see at a Sims event! It was a really wonderful experience and it was amazing to meet so many lovely people, some of whom I haven’t mentioned yet, like Hatsy, Devon, Soph, Zoe (you know her as TheGreatSimphony), and many, many more. I’m sure next year is going to be an even more amazing event, and I can’t wait to cover it again! Thank you to everyone involved for organising and holding such a wonderful event. @smagofcl 11