SLS Mirror March - April 2017 a - Page 9

Visit to Kariyani Village SLS gives importance to students exposure at multiple levels. SLS 16 (Hons.) students were taken to Kariyani (small village near surendranagar) as a part of their audit course to understand the rural urban divide as they have already completed their one month rural internship. They visited Kariyani village on 25th march 2017. They went to see the rural urban divide along with development work undertaken in kariyani village by senior batch pdpu students and government of Gujarat. Senior batch students of pdpu had undertaken the project of developing wi- proof village. Neeta Khurana ma'am who is the overall coordinator of the audit activity and Dr. Ritu Sharma accompanied the group. They left for Kariyani village at 10am in morning and after reaching there, Varsha ben, the MLA of Kariyani invited the students to meet and talk about the development of work which was undertaken for the village with chief minister of Gujarat Mr.Vijay Rupani who had come to deliver speech on the development works in villages across Gujarat. He appreciated the initiative taken by the faculty of PDPU and work done by students. Thereafter the students thanked MLA Varsha ben who was gracious enough to sponsor dinner. After thanking her we went to see the village school built by government and the memorial inaugurated by the CM showcasing the qualities of wi- proof Kariyani village. 7