SLS Mirror March - April 2017 a - Page 4

Flare 2017 At the end of a tiring academic year, all that is needed is moments of rejuvenation, moments of merriment and to gambol. Flare, the annual social – cultural fest of PDPU is an explosion of madness, icebreaker for talent holders, a weekend of exuberance. The fest left indelible memories and a promise to return the next fall with a bang! It's said "Memories are timeless treasures of heart." And the best memory we had till now is surely of our childhood days. So this time with the celebration of socio-cultural fest of PDPU it was decided to commemorate our childhood. With ending of another academic year, it begins a new journey and to give that journey a great start we celebrate FLARE with loads of energy and enthusiasm. All the three days of the fest are meant to be amusing and entertaining for the students that they take plenty of memories with them. Flare is considered to be the biggest of the fest witnessed in the college. It involved events from diverse elds which a person might be interested. It had events ranged from Music, Dance, Art, Theatre, Literature, Culinary, Gaming, Fashion and many more. This time the theme had fascinated every person on campus whether it be faculties, students or staff members. Also the campus was embellished keeping in mind all the specic things done in our childhood days, and it was kind of recalling all the moments lived. There were also plenty of Pre - Flare events that took places; here are some glimpses. Shri Mooralala Marwada and his troupe 2