SLS Mirror March - April 2017 a - Page 3

Editorial As the nancial year approaches the gures march to balance assets and liabilities, so is the month of March and April for School of Liberal Studies students as they experience pain (positive) of exams and pleasure of fests. March and April are the months of balance. It's the beautiful experience for SLS brains studying principles of time and getting an opportunity to understand the meaning of speed in business by Google Loon Project Head Mike Cassidy. Along with interactions with people like Mike Cassidy, the students also had several opportunities to increase their knowledge in their respective elds - there was a workshop on the contemporary issues in Indian nancial systems as well as an awareness programme by the Indian Association for Radiation Protection (IARP). April is, debatably, the most sought after and awaited month of the year. The hustle and bustle of Flare 2017 begins with designers changing the aesthetics of the university with intriguing pieces of art that match the theme, logistics people running about managing the events with walky talkies, with enthusiastic participants aring up the social and cultural events and a lot more. SLS students and students of other universities alike get an amazing opportunity to showcase their talents in various areas! This is how the month of march and april starts with Do not disturb and ends with Do not desist. 1