SLS Mirror March - April 2017 a - Page 22

Shram 1.0 Housekeepers "Only people in the world who make other place more clean than their own place." Shram 1.0 was an initiative taken by team Fervour Fiesta (Hitesh Ganwani, Hiteshree Dudani and Kishan Darji) to honor the work of the housekeeping staff at School of Liberal Studies (SLS), Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University. The housekeeping staff was felicitated and the faculty members and students volunteered to clean the campus in respect and honor of their work. By doing so they demonstrated the nobility of manual work and contributed to making the campus more inclusive. On 27 th March, 2017, the volunteers gathered at the SLS foyer and the event was started by Prof. Nigam Dave, the director of the School of Liberal Studies, who spoke in appreciation of the housekeeping staff and thanked them for their efforts in maintaining the campus and its beauty. The volunteers set out with brooms, buckets and mops to clean the foyer enthusiastically. Under the scorching sun, every student put their efforts into cleaning and there were many students who had not tried this ever in their life but still they came out of their comfort zone and tried it and it was the best part of the event. 20