SLS Mirror March - April 2017 a - Page 17

Workshop on Contemporary Issues in Indian Financial System with students to make the session more fun. After setting the base for discussion he moved towards the question answer round where the students expressed their queries and suggestions based upon our economy and what can be the future growth prospects for the country. Overall his session turned out be the most fun and interactive session for the students. Next session was by CA Haresh Kothari who is a Chartered Accountant and who is also working with many Universities in Ahmedabad. He introduced to the students about the newly introduced amendment of “Goods and Sales Tax i.e. GST” which will soon be replacing the traditional system of taxation in India. He briey introduced everyone about the act and what are its advantages. After that he threw a light on the types of GSTs that will be applied all over India on various categories of goods. He clearly made the students understand about the in-depth topic of GST.He also tested the students with few illustrations on GST and answered students queries too on GST.Overall the session was very informative and students showed very much participation in this session. 15