SLS Mirror March - April 2017 a - Page 16

Workshop on Contemporary Issues in Indian Financial System A one day workshop on “Contemporary Issues in Indian Financial System” was organized at School of Liberal Studies, PDPU, Gandhinagar on 25th April, 2017, with an objective to acquaint students of SLS about current issues in the nancial system of our country. The theme of the workshop was, “Contemporary issues in Indian Financial System”, which is very relevant as the Indian Financial System has seen facing signicant changes in the recent time, especially in context of the proposed GST bill and amendments in the Companies Act. The eminent speakers like Shri Rajesh Shah, Vice President-Finance (Adani Group), Mr. Haresh Kothari, Chartered Accountant and Mr. Amit Shah Chartered Accountant provided valuable insights into various contemporary issues of Finance, Economics and GST. Dr.Ashwin Dave, Head Coordinator B.Com, School of Liberal Studieswelcomed the speakers and guests and thanked them for parting his precious time to impart real world knowledge in world of nance. He also greeted Abhinav Kapadia, CFO, PDPU and Shri Rajesh Shah for their esteemed presence. The eminent speaker for the rst session in the workshop was Shri Rajesh Shah who is the Vice President-Finance of Adani Group from past many years and also holds a great knowledge in the eld of Finance and Economics. Mr. Rajesh Shah informed us all about the areas of Finance and Economics and how our economy is affected by the nancial system. He also put a light upon the economic cycle that comprises the major part of our economy and also upon the importance of Finance and Economics. Then he talked about how the loans and advances procedure are done in the 14