SLS Mirror March - April 2017 a - Page 11

Educational and Industrial trip to Srilanka Education tour offers an opportunity for a rich immersion experience and a tremendous way to facilitate learning and in such tours students have the chance to experience and explore much deeper level than they ever could in the classroom because educational tours are accepted as essential part in education. Dr. D Sriram organized the wonderful Educational and Industrial trip from 14th March-21st March to Srilankaalong with two faculty members Dr. Tejas Dave and Ms. Neeta Khurana and 50 students out of which were 30 girls and 20 boys. The itinerary made was fabulous introduction regarding the history, geography, education, and culture of Srilanka. We were exposed to the industrial progress through industrial visitsin Srilanka. Through a series of day treks, we will experience an incredible variety of landscapes and learn about the history and traditions of this 'Island Paradise'. Delving into the heart of the country, the trip started from Pinnawala,which is anElephant orphanage and a site a small-scale industry where the production of papers takes place from the elephant dung. The specialty of the Kandy, which is surrounded by the stunning scenery and it is a location that not only captures the natural beauty of the island, but it is also home to one of the sacred Buddhist objects- The Tooth Relic and is a pilgrimage spot for Buddhists across the globe. We visited the Gem Mining industry where they were exposed to art of cutting jewels, their marketing and export. In evening we attended the traditional cultural show, which was good one. The next station we visited was Peradeniya the specialty of which was Batik Factory were we visited and had done some shopping. We also visited the Peradeniya University of social sciences where we interacted with the faculty and the students of the university. 9